Thursday, May 18

Flagship Dividend Portfolio: May Update

Welcome back to this month's edition of the Flagship Dividend Portfolio!

As we told you for the last year, if you have been following along with the Moby Flagship Quantitative Dividend Portfolio, you should have continued to outperform the market while receiving over a 4% annual dividend.

But outperforming the market doesn't always mean positive performance. And as of late, growth has overtaken value and the dividend index is down pretty big to start the year -- we'll get into this more below.

While we're still beating the index, the index itself is in the red as investors make sense of this market.

In any case, if you're new to this strategy, the way it works is that we use AI & algorithms to build and manage a portfolio for you.

We have several different portfolios, but for this portfolio, the goal of it is to produce strong & stable returns over the long term with passive income via dividends. 

So, let's get more granular and look at the performance breakdown of each stock within the portfolio 👇 



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