Thursday, July 27

The Trade Desk: The Next Ad Titan

Our position in The Trade Desk ($TTD) is barely a month old, but the stock already cruised through our price target as the market has come to understand how massive their opportunity is within Connected TV (CTV). 

With a new sales model that finally reconciles the efficiency of programmatic advertising with the inventory needs of TV publishers, we are about to see an absolute explosion in ad revenue for TTD -- enough that we need to adjust our initial price target to be more in line with how solid of an opportunity this is. 

In a market where everything feels overbought, it's honestly wild just how cheap The Trade Desk is compared to how much they are about to change the advertising game forever. 

So let's talk about shifting ad budgets and how all these small changes will lead to a firehose of cash being poured into TTD's new product line. 

The details here are great, so let's dive in and unpack how good this looks.👇

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