Tuesday, August 15

Meta: Up 240%, Here's our New Price Target

It looks like if you start winning in this market, you'll simply keep winning no matter what. At least that's the case for Meta ($META), now that they've demolished yet another one of our price targets after a market-defying earnings call.

Even though Apple and Microsoft are starting to fall behind, the true kings of AI are showing no signs of slowing down. 

The annoying thing about this report is that you can basically just copy and paste the last one we did back in May, but just boost the numbers. The market is flooding cash into Meta as AI continues to accelerate the gains being gobbled up by this company. 

So if we're actually going to spend your valuable time on another Meta report, we better bring some solid reasons why the brand is still being undervalued. 

And while Meta was a little aloof about exactly where their next big revenue plays will come from, we can read between the lines and see where the next big hits will come from. 

In short, Meta may be a lot closer to one aspect of the AI services market than we previously anticipated. 

So let's do a quick dive into just how rapidly Meta is taking over the advertising world and where exactly they can head next.👇

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