Wednesday, August 30

Elf Beauty: Moby's 5-Star Rated Stock of The Summer

At this point, the growth is getting ridiculous. We basically should just set a recurring reminder for every three months titled, "e.l.f. ($ELF) absolutely rips past all expectations."

Because, once again, our favorite beauty brand is mercilessly feasting on their competition with some of the best pricing and most efficient marketing the world has ever seen. 

Honestly, we feel a little calmer this quarter because e.l.f.'s growth finally slowed down a little this quarter (if a 76% YoY increase in revenue can be considered a slowdown), but looking at e.l.f.'s product development and marketing spend, we honestly don't see any headwinds on the horizon for this brand. 

So, let's quickly dive into e.l.f's latest earnings release and discuss the 3rd straight quarterly hit of our yearly price target. 

We think we're still right to keep our PT closer to the chest with potential macro pressures, but this stock simply defies gravity. And we're fine being conservative, while e.l.f grinds higher in our portfolio. So, let's get into the world-conquering details 👇

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