Thursday, April 27

Intuitive Surgical: The Right Growth at the Right Time

After our strategy in GE Healthcare broke containment and smashed through our price targets, it's now time to check in on the rest of the medical device community as they achieve a new normal. 

And last week, our original medical device pick Intuitive Surgical ($ISRG) posted a blockbuster earnings call that sent the stock price soaring through our original price target. 

Intuitive has recently been weighed down by slowing adoption and utilization as hospitals all over the world have kept dealing with various COVID-19 outbreaks and other issues.

However, Intuitive managed to break out of that thanks to rising procedure numbers in China, amongst other factors. 

It looks like our return to medical normal is right on track, especially with new COVID data that is starting to gather steam. 

While Intuitive may face some headwinds moving forward as they start developing new systems, the numbers behind their latest earnings call point to some really interesting trends that should bolster them through 2023. 

It's a great time to keep investing in this stock, so let's cut through the numbers and see how fine-tuned this operation is 👇

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