Wednesday, May 17

Delta: Set to Soar

If you've been paying attention, you know one of our big themes this month is the incredible recovery happening in the travel industry.   

For a lot of stocks that stayed responsible during the pandemic and last year's inflationary spiral, 2023 is simply a matter of getting back to 2019. 

And our second (see the first one here) strategy in that theme centers on Delta Airlines ($DAL). 

Delta is in a slightly weaker position compared to the rest of the Airline industry, but that relative weakness is only leading to them being oversold.

Our analyst team is encouraged by their strong Q2 guidance and amazing booking progress. 

As Delta initiated a lot of cost-cutting programs to stem the bleeding in the last few years, their major concern moving forward is hitting capacity a little too soon. 

As demand roars back, things look sunnier for a beleaguered airline industry. And frankly, Delta is set to soar on the back of a powerful peak travel season. 

The path here is well-set, let's take this in for a landing and grab some details on the way 👇

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