Wednesday, May 24

UDR: Finding Passive Income in Real Estate

With inflation data providing way more noise than signal, it's been really tough to adequately price the real estate industry for the past year. 

That ends today as we finally add a new strategy to our Real Estate portfolio: UDR Inc ($UDR).  UDR is a classic REIT (real estate investment trust) that manages 149 apartment complexes totaling over 40,000 individual units. 

Despite how volatile the real estate industry has been, as the market tries to determine where exactly interest rates are pushing housing prices, UDR has posted solid rent revenue increases and tenant stability. 

When you're dealing with something as massive and complex as a REIT with over 40,000 apartments in a dozen states, you have to deal with really big numbers and really small movements. And UDR has positioned both their property types and their locations in a way that gives us confidence about their durability moving forward. 

We're not talking about the big, flashy gains we get from technology stocks. With REITS and diversification, we're all about the slow-moving defensive plays that help you hedge your portfolio against wilder market movements. 

We're going to stick with more modest plays in Real Estate as the market continues to digest punishing interest rates, and the math really checks out for UDR. 

Let's make this one quick, as the renting industry basically speaks for itself at this stage. Time for some details 👇

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