Tuesday, June 6

Microsoft: The New King of Cloud

Another day, another one of our tech picks absolutely crushing through our price target.

This time, Microsoft ($MSFT),  has pulled off our growth targets much faster than expected. 

And unlike a lot of our other big tech picks, this has very little to do with Microsoft's early wins in A.I. 

Instead, Microsoft is pulling off the switch we always wanted them to. Productivity products like Office 365 are now raking in a much bigger slice of quarterly revenue and only accelerating. 

Meanwhile, MSFT is getting super lucky with the timing around cloud spend shifting in their direction instead of competitors like AWS. 

While Azure has a long way to go to actually overtake AWS, they are poised to keep taking a bigger slice of the pie as spending shifts. Basically, Azure is structured in a way that enterprises prefer, and it's those big enterprise plays that are really cooking in cloud right now. 

So we're re-upping our price target three quarters early, and 95% of our argument has nothing to do with MSFT's current leadership in AI. 

Cloud confidence is back in a big way here at Moby.co, and Microsoft is continuing to establish itself as the true winner in enterprise. 

Let's check out some details 👇

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