Tuesday, May 30

Nvidia: The Next Trillion Dollar Company

If you're paying any attention to the market at all, then like us, you are absolutely reeling after Nvidia ($NVDA) posted a history-defying revenue beat last week. 

In a single day, Nvidia added just shy of $200 billion dollars to its market cap and is now a cough away from joining the trillion-dollar club. 

Of course, this means that Nvidia smashed through our price target a year early. But our analyst team wasn't ready to re-up our price target until we had a better sense of whether the stock was getting overbought on A.I. mania. 

And here's the thing: NVDA really isn't getting overbought when you look at their current revenue and revenue models.

What's happening is that spending on AI infrastructure ramped up fast in the past quarter. Basically, NVDA pressed the fast-forward button on their revenue growth and hit our projections for Q1 2025. 

This is especially wild when we consider how conservative NVDA management is when they're reporting on an upswing in revenue. 

But when we look at the charts and look where revenue is moving, it's clear that the industry is simply shifting faster than we expected. 

NVDA is being further lifted by an unexpected recovery in their gaming division as those chips finally start selling again. 

And after our updates on Meta, we're really starting to see how much AI is about to transform tech and therefore we have a better understanding of how NVDA could suddenly pull in this much revenue. 

While the stock isn't going to double again in 6 months, there is still enough room for them to expand production. Therefore we have no choice but to update our price target and try to stay ahead of this AI revolution. 

The details are pretty quick here, so let's just dive inπŸ‘‡

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