Wednesday, May 31

Why e.l.f. is up 275% and is only getting started

It truly is the era of winners and losers. 

The cosmetics space continues to get battered by inflationary spirals, supply issues, and inventory bloat. But there is only one major exception: e.l.f. Beauty ($ELF).

ELF has been on an absolute tear since we first bought the stock (see it here) -- up 275%! And it's showing no signs of slowing down.

That's because ELF has absolutely triumphed in the past year, posting 17 consecutive quarters of net sales growth since 2019. And that growth only started truly accelerating in the last year. 

ELF has put together a brilliant playbook prioritizing organic growth. And thanks to recent massive increases in marketing spend, they are going to only accelerate the money-printing machine they created. 

This is a company that is all about the process, and they are currently huge winners because they shifted momentum to the right areas at the right time.

They are a dominant force in digital who used an efficient influencer-led marketing strategy to launch partnerships with the biggest retailers on earth. They are now supercharging that strategy with the right kind of high-impression spending at the right time. 

We're very excited to re-up our price target and watch e.l.f. complete their plan for world domination across the next five years. 

The execution here is great, so let's dive into the details 👇

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