Thursday, June 8

Linde: A Green Revolution Powerhouse

Now that we've discussed our understanding of the minor rally hitting tech stocks, let's get back to the fundamentals and make sure our portfolio is properly hedged. 

We've talked about this fine line a lot in the past. It's really important for us to invest defensively during periods of macro uncertainty like this, but we don't want loss-limiting to slow our growth once true bull times kick off again.

So we need to find stocks that will perform relatively well even in the event of a recession later this year or early next year, and that also have a growth path towards outsized gains in the next five years. 

And one solid defensive play fits that bill perfectly: Linde PLC ($LIN). 

Linde is a classic multi-national chemicals corporation that got hit hard last year when Russia deeply disrupted supply chains for natural gas. After a very rocky 2022, Linde has managed to claw back all times highs and has a bright future thanks to Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act. 

Defensive stocks like Linde are great right now as there is still some decent investment happening in the materials space as reshoring continues in the West. 

More importantly, Linde has made a few big bets on the green revolution that are set to pay off big.

First, Linde is becoming a leader in the green/grey hydrogen space and is finding short-to-medium success there already. And when we look long term, we're eager to see Linde potentially make announcements in the carbon capture space, which is just as important as green energy, but not nearly as developed. 

There are a lot of paths forward as Linde works to establish their dominance over the green revolution, so let's stick to the most important details 👇

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