Thursday, July 20

Ferrari: Hits Our Price Target + More Growth Coming

With Tesla basically capitulating to luxury leaders in the auto space, it's never been a better time to be a legacy luxury brand. 

Ever since our first post back in 2020, our position in Ferrari ($RACE) has been a consistent winner for the team here at Moby. And in an economy like this, it really pays to be the true king of luxury. 

And so, Ferrari hit another one of our price targets despite increased competition in every one of their growth areas. 

There's simply a lot to like here as Ferrari continues their international dominance and EV push. 

More importantly, Ferrari can simply pass inflationary costs onto their customers like no one else in the business, keeping their margins the best in the business by miles. 

Let's make this update quick as the company is simply pushing all the right growth in all the right ways. It's a great time to be in the Ferrari business👇

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