Monday, September 18

Bloom Energy: Our Next Big Green Energy Play

While the market is starting to flee some names in green energy in favor of safer value plays, there are a lot of solid companies currently flying under the radar that we can jump on during this moment of relative weakness. 

We have to stay diversified in this era of Green Energy though, because the big spigot of government spending cuts both ways. The market loves it when you get access to deep Hydrogen tax cuts, but they will punish you harshly if the government even mildly shifts its stance. 

We're big believers in Green Hydrogen as a fuel that will transition our energy grid to something more green, but that industry has to look a little more long-term. 

Instead, we need to find companies who can make money right now, even when folks haven't scaled green hydrogen production. 

That's why we're really bullish on Bloom Energy ($BE), an old-school fuel-cell provider that is gaining a lot of traction thanks to the green revolution. 

Basically, Bloom's fuel cells are versatile enough to use a wide range of fuels, including green hydrogen. As such, they're able to make money right now thanks to widespread demand being set off by a weaker nationwide energy grid and have growth angles as they lock in gains from Green Hydrogen tax credits. 

This is one of those plays that demonstrates the needs our market has right now for distributed power and the kind of microgrids that the green revolution is going to rely on. 

Bloom Energy is currently winning thanks to great technology that gets cheaper and cheaper to produce all the time. Let's see how they can catalyze (and even electrolyzer) further growth through their proven NASA-grade technology. 👇

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