Monday, October 2

Intuit: Don't Let This Boring Business Fool You

Leave it to the bookkeeping software to nail our price target practically down to the minute.

That's because during this buildup of AI mania, a ton of capital has flowed into big names with big AI ambitions and bigger AI-driven margins. That huge spotlight has helped the market ignore a lot of the growth coming out of smaller companies that are also leveraging AI in really interesting ways. 

While the Meta's and Alphabet's of this market gear up to change the world with chatbots and virtual assistants, there are still quite a few mid-tier AI applications that can create value in the short term. 

One of those key paths is being demonstrated by our ongoing favorite pick in software: Intuit ($INTU) as they begin rolling out Intuit Assist across all their products. Basically, Intuit took a general approach, developing a generalized AI system that could adapt to lots of small use-cases across their entire product suite. 

The result is a really promising Swiss-army-knife suite of tools that can help empower small to medium businesses to grow well despite economic headwinds. 

As interest rates make it harder and harder for the old guard to survive, we're seeing an emerging class of lean SMBs take on all sorts of challenges in this new market. 

And key to powering this shift is Intuit's solid operating system which is getting supercharged with more and more company data every day. 

Intuit is an old-school data powerhouse that is now truly leveraging that data to bring a lot more value to a customer set that desperately needs all the help they can get. 

So, let's look at how Intuit has evolved its business across this year and where they could push things from here 👇

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