Tuesday, October 3

Walmart: Copying Amazon's Playbook

Welcome to Q4, where it couldn't be harder to be a large-scale retailer in the United States! 

But despite that hardship, we've seen enough from Walmart ($WMT) this year to update our price target and get excited about the revenue streams they have cooking up. 

One of our favorite things is watching Walmart steal whole chapters out of Amazon's playbook and execute them brilliantly. Walmart has struggled this year as consumers have avoided higher-margin items, but now Walmart has simply found ways to make their essentials more profitable and their discretionary items more desirable. 

Ahead of a Q4 that may surprise a lot of investors, we think it's important to update our Walmart strategy and give you a better sense of where retail is headed as consumer spending continues to experience more and more pressure in 2023.

So don't let this blue-chip name fool you! There's a lot of exciting details underneath the surface. Let's dive inπŸ‘‡

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