Tuesday, October 10

U.S. Steel: Forging a New Path

As we move more and more into a deglobalized world, it's important to shift our thinking around America's domestic strengths while we develop new investment strategies. 

While American infrastructure is in structural decline, we still have a strong enough manufacturing base to create quite a lot of shareholder value. 

And so we've been pleasantly surprised to watch U.S. Steel ($X) begin to turn things around in the past year. U.S. Steel is finally retesting the levels they last experienced in 2018 when they entered a long period of institutional decline thanks to rising costs and general inefficiencies. 

Since then, U.S. Steel has heavily invested in new kinds of steel production and managed to get new plants up and running under budget and ahead of schedule. 

The market is clearly taking notice, as U.S. Steel has spent the last quarter fending off a handful of pretty spicy acquisition proposals from various rivals and industry titans. Rather than get out of the game with a solid payday, management is staying the course and driving a lot of value in the process. 

So let's check in with Carnegie's old empire and see how U.S. Steel is turning the corner and getting more profitable by the day.👇

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