Friday, October 13

Deliveroo: Unlocking Profitability and Defying Inflation

As we diversify our way through this more volatile portion of our ongoing recovery, we sometimes run into a few surprises. 

For instance, there are still some solid growth plays that the market is treating relatively well. Even more unlikely: there are tech companies finding a solid footing in the oppressive inflationary spiral hitting Europe right now. 

When we got under the hood at Deliveroo (LSE: ROO), we were really surprised to see a budding tech empire that is on the cusp of hitting positive free cash flow despite their rapid pace for expansion. 

Essentially, Deliveroo is a bike-centered delivery app centered in the United Kingdom. And we believe they have established some key efficiencies and high-margin plays that are going to make them unstoppable moving forward. 

We've been so cautious about delivery in the States that it's honestly wild watching Deliveroo turn a corner over the last year. Right now, they're knocking on the door of profitability and positive free cash flow. 

So let's check out this big tech surprise that's only just starting to accelerate. The details here really have legs, so let's get you the most impactful ones👇

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