Wednesday, November 8

Joby: Tesla of the Skies

Once you understand the exact mechanics of what actually is driving investment in EVs, you start looking for other companies that can disrupt their industry with the same manufacturing model. 

EVs are a winning play because production can scale a lot quicker due to the relative simplicity of building an electric motor vs. a motor that relies on fossil fuels. That leads to jaw-dropping production ramp-ups, cheaper labor costs, and incredible margins. 

This is why we've kept a really close eye on developments in the electric aircraft industry. New advancements in battery and motor technology are making electric airplanes and eVTOL aircraft a reality that real businesses can generate real profits from. 

And just last week, the much-hyped SPAC darling Joby Aviation ($JOBY)  reported that their aircraft had passed several key milestones that our analysts had been waiting for.

With their first aircraft delivered to their partners in the U.S. Air Force, Joby is looking more and more like a real play every day despite still being 50% down from their SPAC debut at the peak of a completely bonkers market in August of 2021. 

Joby is set for expansion as they push back to their IPO price, while they have passed enough critical tests to earn a PT from us. 

So let's explore the details here and find out how Joby is about to rule the skies with an electric VTOL aircraft.👇

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