Tuesday, November 14

Adobe: Comfortably Dominating AI

If there's one thing we've been really delighted by in the AI space, it's how fast some companies have pivoted to an AI-supported model on the consumer-services side of the equation. 

We expected specific-use models to take over first, particularly within enterprises given the real-world success that Meta and Uber have had using AI models to optimize their algorithms. 

But we have been absolutely reeling at how quickly and how broadly AI services have completely taken over the conversation at Adobe ($ADBE). Our jaws have been on the floor pretty much ever since the Adobe MAX conference confirmed the dozens of AI services that are coming to every aspect of Adobe's product suite. We always were bullish about Adobe’s AI opportunity, but they have truly surpassed our expectations.

And now we're excited we get to talk about how much Adobe is about to dominate the AI conversation thanks to other AI successes proving their revenue opportunity and lifting the stock past the price target we set back in April.

With the perfect product mix and the exact right customer base to test out a dizzying array of new AI services, Adobe is the at-scale workhorse that is going to spend the next year demonstrating exactly what works and what doesn't for consumer-level AI services. The success they've had this year alone is incredible, and they've shown us a fascinating blueprint for how they'll expand from here. So, let's explore how tier-1 generative AI is completely changing how Adobe does business.👇

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