Friday, December 1

Colgate: Discovering Hidden Upside

Even though the market has broad concerns about the state of consumer spending, there are still some bright spots in the world of retail. 

Recently our team did a deep-dive into the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, and we were surprised to discover that there's actually a lot of strength in this sector. Large CPG brands have mostly gotten their inflationary pressures under control and have started to thrive under cost-cutting regimes. 

However, some strong brands are still getting undervalued despite awesome growth and improving performance, so there's some room for us to grab a little extra upside right now. 

One brand in particular stands out: Colgate-Palmolive ($CL). They've been completely dominant in their sales growth, but their stock hasn't seen the same level of lift. But the toothpaste empire's recent earnings call showed us that there's a great path to growth here, so we're jumping on the trend while the rest of the market wakes up to their bullish narrative.

Long story short, because it's a "boring stock" we believe many investors are missing out on the opportunity.

Colgate has been achieving really solid growth, but the market hasn't been too happy with the kind of growth they've been generating. So just hear us out for a second as we explore why things are about to take off in the ignored land of toothpaste.👇

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