Friday, September 29

Flagship Dividend Portfolio: September Update

Welcome back to this month's edition of the Flagship Dividend Portfolio!

As we've told you for the past two years, if you have been following along with the Moby Flagship Quantitative Dividend Portfolio, you should have continued to outperform the market while receiving over a 4% annual dividend.

And in this month's edition, this message hasn't changed -- although it is bittersweet.

We've outperformed the index, but the index was down -8.5% since our last rebalance period. Therefore with a total return of -1.4%, we're very satisfied with the results, but in a vacuum, we obviously wish they were net positive.

This is because dividend investing fell out of "style" since July, but that's what's important about investing thematically -- you need to be right on style (e.g. theme) as well as your security selection.

Therefore since the goal of this portfolio is to beat the index -- our goal was achieved. But that's why we have several unique strategies -- so you can choose which portfolio fits your thematic goals.

While we do have several different portfolios, the goal of this portfolio is to produce stable and modest returns over the long term with strong passive income via dividends. 

So, let's get more granular and look at the performance breakdown of each stock within the portfolio as well as the newest trades 👇


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