ACQUISITIONS | Monday, July 8

Eli Lilly Acquires Morphic for $3.2 Billion

Morphic develops oral treatments for serious diseases like autoimmune disorders, heart disease, fibrosis, and cancer

Eli Lilly has announced its acquisition of Morphic for $3.2 billion to enhance its immunology pipeline with oral integrin therapies. Morphic's stock exploded surging 75% while Eli Lilly rose a modest 3.4%.

This deal involves Morphic's development of treatments for inflammatory bowel disease, currently in Phase 2 trials.

This acquisition will strengthen Lilly's position in the gastroenterology market, potentially improving treatment and expanding therapeutic options for chronic disease patients.


Eli Lilly's strategic $3.2 billion acquisition of Morphic aims to incorporate its innovative oral integrin therapies into its immunology portfolio, explicitly targeting inflammatory bowel disease. 

A recent study estimates that nearly 1 in 100 Americans have inflammatory bowel disease. It reveals a growing burden the disorder inflicts in the U.S., where up to 56,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. 

This acquisition is expected to significantly enhance Lilly's competitive edge in the biotech sector, boosting investor and market confidence, likely driving Lilly's stock value up 6% monthly and hitting a new all-time high on Monday. Contributing factors include Morphic's promising clinical trials for MORF-057 and its proprietary technology platform, which attracted Lilly's interest.

Long-term expect to see accelerated development and commercialization of new therapies, which would improve patient outcomes and expand market share.


Eli Lilly is on a role this year, and this strategically targeted acquisition is bullish for a multitude of reasons.

First, the acquisition is poised to substantially increase Lilly's production capacity for injectable products, enabling the company to meet the growing demand for its pharmaceuticals more effectively. This expanded capacity will enhance Lilly's ability to serve its customers better and maintain its competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

The dedicated facility acquired through this deal will focus exclusively on Lilly's production, ensuring a high quality and reliable supply of medications. This specialized approach is expected to boost Lilly's products' overall efficacy and safety, reinforcing its reputation for excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Lastly, this highlights Lilly's commitment to growth, innovation, and capable war chest to Wall Street and investors. Lilly can stay ahead in the fast-paced pharmaceutical landscape by integrating Morphic's advanced integrin therapies and leveraging new talent. This move enhances Lilly's capabilities and opens up new avenues for therapeutic advancements and breakthroughs.

By strengthening its portfolio with cutting-edge treatments from Morphic, Lilly is well-positioned to seize new growth opportunities and solidify its market leadership.


Eli Lilly is set to expand its U.S. capacity for injectable medicine production with a new manufacturing facility acquired from Nexus Pharmaceuticals. It is expected to begin production by the end of 2025.

This facility will significantly enhance Lilly's production capabilities, ensuring the company can meet increasing demand and maintain its competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical market. 

There is also Lilly's ambitious environmental goals, including achieving carbon neutrality, utilizing 100% renewable electricity, and improving total value-chain emissions reporting by 2030, highlight its commitment to sustainability in line with President Biden’s climate change commitments.