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Here's Everything You Need To Know Today

With the market still digesting a hopeful inflation print from yesterday, we're encouraged that some of our short-term AI scenarios are playing out. Dell is soaring as more and more businesses build out the foundations they need to run large language models outside of the cloud. 

After Duolingo's barnburner of an earnings report yesterday, we're genuinely starting to see the start of real-world uses for AI tools. We're barely into the early innings of this new development and there's already a growing number of winning strategies proliferating across the economy. 

Of course--the efficiency revolution can hit its ceiling any time now. But with the success we're seeing, we need to start gaming out what could be coming in 2024. If AI can't fully live up to the sky-high promises made by bull investors, we might see a market overreact and pull back hard once reality sets in. But, if AI is truly the revelation its promoters make it out to be--then this could become a truly deflationary force as big names generate bigger and bigger profits from dwindling spend. That can crush this recovery in equal measure. 

For now, we're in one of the most important phases of the market as we kick off the final month of Q1. We've basically proven that consumer spending isn't dead yet--which puts a slow grind to a recession a little more out of reach. With inflation looking a little more under control, it once again looks like the Fed might thread the needle here and achieve some measure of a soft landing. But--with no major catalysts on the horizon for the next few weeks, we're watching the market achieve equilibrium again as winners suck up huge gains while weaker firms get crushed by uncertainty. Staying diverse and reserved with our investments can help avoid outsized losses while the market determines if this is a top or not. 

So, let's explore the major headlines powering the price action today and try to determine what the major trends are.


Dell Becomes AI Leader As Demand Spikes


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