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Here's Everything You Need To Know Today

Of course the markets are going to bounce back after yesterday's sharp selloff. How else would you expect The Street to act? Everywhere, markets are bouncing back after crashing down from record highs. Yesterday, we witnessed an $8,000 price whipsaw in Bitcoin after the token plummeted into a liquidity trap after crossing all-time highs. When the dust settled--the token got back on track immediately. BTC is now relatively stable at ~$66,000 per token. 

Meanwhile, major indexes also bounced back after Apple led a sharp selloff in the NASDAQ and S&P that allowed bear sentiment to take complete control of the market. Whenever markets run a little hot like this, we're going to see volatile swings in either direction until clearer signals emerge. Jerome Powell's testimony before Congress today will only add to those volatile swings. Next week's CPI is going to be the major catalyst that helps the market pick a direction in the short term. At least it's the catalyst folks can actually predict. 

But for today--the market is a zero-sum game where losers take a massive haircut while the efficient shops hoard all the alpha. Let's examine the major players in today's price action and try to find some signal in all this noise. 


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