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Here's Everything You Need To Know Today

The markets are trading with tepid optimism ahead of tomorrow's pivotal CPI report. We've been so caught up in the volatility of the last few weeks that a clear market signal--positive or negative--is a relief all on its own. 

With treasury yields pulling back a little in anticipation of a better-than-expected print, equities are getting a little relief as well. Names like Nvidia are recovering after a brutal selloff on Friday. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is dragging its cadre of stocks and altcoins ever higher after crossing $71,000. With bull signals like  UK regulators approving crypto-backed ETNs, how couldn't you be bullish? 

Either way, there's still a tremendous amount of risk weighing down this market. A hotter-than-hoped CPI may finally kick off a proper selloff, but cooler-than-expected inflation might not be enough to confirm an extended rally. That will have to wait until Jerome Powell's next interest rate decision next week. Q1 is ramping up to a thrilling conclusion. So, let's check out the major stories that will push long-term price action to start the week. 


Boeing Crashes on DOJ Probe

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