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Here's Everything You Need To Know Today

With inflation fears holding up rally until next week--the Street is just really happy to see some winners in retail. Dollar General came out with basically the opposite earnings story Dollar Tree posted yesterday--showing strength despite how difficult the economy is. Dick's Sporting Goods also showed that specialty retail still has a lot of bit despite all the pressure facing consumers. 

Meanwhile, the last gasps of the 2021 SPAC bubble are crashing as players like Fisker consider bankruptcy. 

This market really wants to be optimistic, but can the economy keep pumping out decent enough data? Let's explore today's top stories and see if we can find out. 

Specialty retailers like Petco are thriving as other consumers recover though, so this market is nothing if not a mixed bag. 

Let's dive into the specific stories driving the price action today and try to understand what's next for this market. 


Dick's Obliterates Expectations

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