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Wednesday, February 7

It’s winners and losers season, folks!

We’re almost exactly halfway through earnings season and the main trends are brands need to be perfect or they will get killed by this market.

Winners in any given industry are taking all the gains while underperformers are experiencing double-digit cuts to their market cap. While investors are finicky at this stage—there’s still a lot to be positive about.

With CPI data set to print next week—bond yields are staying resolute above 4.1% while oil prices are holding steady. Despite continued pressure from the bond empire—equities are holding strong so long as they continue posting efficiency.

That means we need to keep our focus on the extended outlook as short-term noise—both positive and negative—can distract the price action from a stock’s true trajectory.

So, let’s explore how the media space is set to transform in the next year and how the automotive industry is adapting to lower EV demand. There’s a lot of signal to find in all this noise—let’s get into it.


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