Wednesday, August 16

The Socially Responsible (ESG) Portfolio: August Update

If you missed our last update, 2022 was a model year for the ESG portfolio.

That's because our ESG portfolio finished up 9% over the index. And in 2023, it's looking like more of the same.

That's because YTD the portfolio is now up a total of 18.26% vs the benchmark return of 16.62%.

But the 1st half of 2023, only tells half the story. Going into the back half of 2023, we have a whole new host of challenges we need to be ready for.

And that's why when we re-ran our algorithms, they made a few tweaks to the existing portfolio, while rebalancing some names back to their original weights.

So with that context, let's get into the ESG portfolio updates 👇 

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